Optimum installation and registration

Connect A New Or Replace An Existing Modem

Step 1
Associate your coaxial cable to the cable outlet as appeared, and guarantee the opposite end isn’t associated with anything.

Optimum installation and registration-1

Step 2
Interface the open end of your coaxial cable to the back of your new modem.

Optimum installation and registration-2

Step 3
Attachment your modem’s power cord into the back of the modem, and afterward plug the opposite end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Optimum installation and registration-3

Step 4
Take one end of the Ethernet link gave and plug it into the yellow port on your modem, at that point associate the opposite end to your PC’s Ethernet port.

Step 5
You’ll realize your modem is prepared when four lights turn green and a fifth light starts blazing golden. This may take a couple of minutes. When this lighting succession happens, you’re prepared to proceed onward to the subsequent stage.

Optimum installation and registration-5

Note: The lighting succession referenced above is for the Arris TM802 or TM822 models. In case you’re utilizing the Arris TM1602 demonstrate, it will be prepared when 3 lights turn strong blue and the WAN port light in the back starts to streak green.

Connect your Phone Services

Before connecting your phone service please make sure you may connect your modem. Modem connection method mention above:

Step 1
Associate one end of your telephone rope to the Tel 1/2 port on the back of the modem and the opposite end of the telephone line to your telephone. In the event that you have a second telephone number for you, interface another line and telephone to the Tel 2 port.

Optimum installation and registration-6

Step 2
Attach your phone(s) into an electrical outlet and completely charge before use.

Optimum installation and registration-7

Telephone Set up won’t be finished until modem enrollment not finish. It would be ideal if you ensure enlisted your modem on the web and interface your telephone administrations.

How to Register Modem?

There is straight forward technique to enroll your modem on the web. For enrolling on the web turn on your PC.

Optimum installation and registration-8

 Open a web browser and go to install.optimum.com.
 To register online you need 14-digit account number. Account number you must be found on optimum bill, packing slip or optimum store slip. If you are optimum tv customer you can find it on ch.900.
 Write up all the details mention in the online form you see and complete the registration process of the Modem. This may take
little bit time.

*your modem and phone registration process are completed. Make sure your account detail will be confidential and easy to remember by you.

After registration process connect your router to the modem and set up home wireless network.


How to set up your Wireless network

Step 1
Find your in-home WiFi User name and Password. You’ll discover the WiFi organize name,otherwise called a SSID, and secret word/stick on the back of your switch as appeared as follows.
In case you’re supplanting a current switch, it’s prescribed you utilize your present WiFi arrangename and secret key/stick to keep your gadgets associated naturally.

Step 2
To Connect with the web, go to the WiFi settings on your PC or gadget (models underneath), select from the rundown the default WiFi arrange name found on the mark of your new switch and afterward enter your secret word/stick.
Close out of any pop-up windows if they appear.

Optimum installation and registration-9 (1)

Step 3
Go to your web browser and go to optimum.net/router and follow the on screen instructions to set up or reconnect your wireless network.

Optimum installation and registration-10

Make sure to remember your WiFi network name and password/pin and keep it safe for easy reference.
You’re now connected to the internet.

Manage your wireless network.
At optimum.net/router You may visit which gadget are connected, Choose your WiFi name, change your password/pin, settings and more, anytime.

Connect wireless devices to the network.

Smartphones and tablets:

  1. Go to Settings and select WiFi.
  2. Select your WiFi arrange and enter your secret word/stick.


  1. Select the WiFi symbol.
  2. Select your WiFi arrange and enter your secret phrase/stick.

Other devices:

  1. For different remote gadgets like gaming supports, remote printers, and so forth.: Use the WPS push catch technique (see gadget’s proprietor’s manual).
  2. For gadgets that don’t have remote capacities: Connect your PC to one of the switch’s LAN ports utilizing another Ethernet link.

How to connect Optimum.net Help?

optimum.net/support: FAQs, chat, email, and more.
Optimum Support App: Download at optimum.net/supportapp and contact us any time.


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